Tube Toolbox Review

Tube Toolbox is an all in one marketing tool for use on YouTube. Primarily the function of this software is to automate the long process of making your videos and YouTube channel more popular and to get you higher video rankings. Tube Toolbox takes away a lot of the hard work involved in promoting your videos by allowing you to automatically send out friend requests and messages to users in a similar niche to your own, but its way more powerful than just that! For anyone that is looking to promote a product, service, a website or even just yourself then Tube Toolbox is well worth a look and is in my opinion the best YouTube, video marketing software available at this time.

The power of this software starts when you first “gather” users by keyword into a list of people that have already shown an interest in your niche by creating similar videos. The software takes only a few seconds to gather hundreds of users by any number of keywords that you choose. Once gathered, you are then able to send out a bulk friend request to everyone in your list. Tube Toolbox stays within YouTube terms of service by applying a time delay between sending out friend requests.

In our tests the effects were not immediate but after just two or three days the results from just sending out bulk friend requests were quite impressive. Needless to say, if you are promoting something on YouTube then a few hundred people checking out your YouTube channel after receiving your friend request can only mean more sales or more people clicking on your links to your website or wherever you want to direct them, video marketing has never been easier. Promoting anything on YouTube is all about getting exposure and Tube Toolbox certainly delivers!

As well as the automated friend request feature you are also able to send out automated messages to all of your friends and subscribers, you can auto post comments on videos and channels and auto subscribe to channels. These are just some of the main features, this software is well and truly packed with powerful promotional features that will make your life so much easier and you to the top of YouTube much faster than using manual methods.


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