Quick Tips for Holiday Rental Property Owners: Part 2

Now that your property is sparkling clean, you can add the finishing touches before taking your ‘Promo Photos’ which will be your ‘shop-window’ for the future clients who will rent your property – it is now ‘THE’ time to make it look irresistible! www.luxerose.com

It’s a pretty basic recipe really… Choose some simple, yet attractive bed linen (add in a bold bed throw for an essence of luxe and cosiness), some nice new towels, a few good sized cushions for the beds and sofas/arm chairs (not tiny cushions, even if they are pretty – and certainly no beaded ones unless you plan on repairing them time and time again!). 2/4/6 or more (depends how big your table is and how many your property will cater for) place settings for the dining table. Set the table as if you were having friends for dinner and maybe add an appropriately sized bunch (not a measly, stringy few stems) of bold coloured flowers (lilies, or large-ish roses for example so that at least you can see what they are in the photo). Oh and yes, a couple bottles of wine and wine glasses to set the scene.

Now you’re nearly ready for your photo shoot – prepare each room as if the Queen was coming to visit! That means – ironed bed linen (no creases anywhere please), ironed towels, neatly folded and hung over the towel rail, or neatly folded and on the end of each bed (hand towel on top of the bath towel). NO ‘towel origami’ please – trying to make swans out of towels as I have seen on some property websites just looks like they’ve not cleaned before taking the photo or in some cases like a dead cat – yuk!). Remember to put the lights on in every room before snapping away – we want to see airy, light and spacious rooms – even if you have bought the tiniest of apartments in the centre of Paris, there are ways to brighten and open the room up. Think ‘light and space’ – be creative.

Move the furniture around (get rid of unnecessary furniture if space is an issue) to maximize the appeal for your potential future clients – no one wants to rent a dark, cramped, cluttered property! If you’re trying to sell winter holiday rentals and you’ve got an open fire, or log burner where you can actually see the flames – light it – really set the scene. Winter = cold – your clients will want to imagine a cosy, warm house to rest their achy bones after an exhilarating day in the snow etc. Make the lighting warm, not bright white – beware LED bulbs – they tend to make things very white, BUT equally, too much ‘mood lighting’ can make your photo too dark, so, take care to find the right balance. Equally, summer = hot, so your photo needs to exude cool comfort! Also, do last checks before you click the camera – don’t leave your mobile phone on the table, or your keys on the kitchen work top, or next door’s cat lying on the sofa! We want your photo to portray a kind of ‘clinical warmth’ – clinical as it’s so clean, and that everything is in it’s rightful place like you’d expect to see in an operating theatre, yet warm enough to be welcoming and comfortable! Eh… voila! Get ‘snap-happy’ with the camera! (And… check out my next article on ‘What to do next’!)

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