I Drank Lemon Water Every Day for a Week and This Is What Happened

All via college I had a rainbow-colored http://jikim.tv CamelBak water bottle that served as a near-each day accent to my college ensembles. The sound of sloshing water followed me from magnificence to elegance, alerting pals and professors alike that I became coming.

Water is a valuable a part of my existence. I even have an almost Pavlovian response to water being poured into my glass at restaurants. I will drink it regardless of how a good deal water I actually have previously fed on. I once examine somewhere that due to the fact espresso is dehydrating, for each cup you drink, you have to have a pitcher of water — and I drink a whole lot of coffee, so I drink a lot of water. I also eat a variety of culmination and vegetables with excessive water content material like cucumber, watermelon, and pineapple.

I completely purchase into the entire “drink water” culture that has taken over beauty blogs, Instagrams, and Twitters. It’s been touted as a treatment-concerned with skin issues, complications, bloating, and issue drowsing, and I have noticed that after I drink what I don’t forget to be a number of water, my skin seems higher, I get fewer headaches, and I sleep more deeply.

So while my editor proposed that I tackle a hydrating mission — to drink lemon water each day for per week — I thought: Cool, I can try this! After all, Cameron Diaz provides lemon to the entirety, and she’s my 2d preferred Charlie’s Angel! Why no longer observe in shape?

Day 1
I had my adorable colleague purchase lemons thru Instacart on my behalf for this task. He got me, like, six huge lemons.

Still, I turned into worried those might not be enough. But luckily, I live in Los Angeles and have lemon timber in my outside. I ought to without a doubt pick some juicy ones if it I ran out.

I messily cut one in 1/2 at my desk and squeezed it into the water already in my warm purple S’properly bottle. I get lemon throughout my table and floor, however I love the manner citrus smells, so oh well. My simplest trouble — now not that it is a exquisite-big difficulty — is that now there are lemon seeds floating around in my water, and I definitely don’t need to swallow them.

I take a sip from my bottle and it’s miles delicious. Using 1/2 a lemon has flavored the water with my favored level of tartness. What is my desired level you ask? Somewhere among biting right into a lemon and really tart lemonade. My mouth feels refreshed, my thirst-quenched.

I refill my water bottle one more time all through the afternoon and squeeze inside the other 1/2. This lemon water is still clean regardless of water from the semi-nasty water fountain. If anything, it dulls the water fountain taste. I recall this a private achievement.

I deliver the lemons home and shop them on a cake tower in my kitchen. Not handiest are they delicious, but they’re aesthetically eye-catching! Now anyone who visits me will suppose I am a fab woman who cooks with lemon (which I form of am, if lemon water counts). I squeeze any other 1/2 of a lemon into my water with dinner.


Lily Rose
Day 2
I drink half of of my lemon water on the auto ride to paintings, so I need to top off my water bottle with the water fountain water once more. It dilutes the taste of the lemon, which I don’t love. I reduce my lemon in the kitchen this time and squeeze the juice in over the sink. Four lemon seeds sink to the bottom of my bottle.

I replenish my water bottle 3 times today with the water fountain and use up all of the lemon that I introduced to work, dumping out the pesky seeds after I finish. I need to put money into a strainer, or a tiny spoon to fish them out.

At domestic, I panic again that I will run out of lemons before this challenge is over. I move out of doors and clutch a few juicy searching ones from the lemon tree in my backyard. I actually have a tumbler of lemon water even as I watch an vintage episode of Real Housewives of New York and feel enormously elegant and healthful. When Ramona and Sonja toast with glasses of pinot grigio, I enhance my cup of lemon water in harmony. To us!

Day three
When I awaken I am without delay thirsty and want a glass of lemon water. I’m usually no longer this thirsty after I wake up, am I? I make myself a glass of water and get geared up for work. I suppose it’s form of funny that I must make myself a tumbler of water in place of just pouring it out of my Brita, however normal, exclusively ingesting lemon water does seem to agree with my done high-upkeep aesthetic.

I actually have delivered lemons to work nowadays awaiting needing them. I am right. I drink a variety of lemon water at my table. I attempt to convince myself that ingesting all this water is well worth standing up to apply the restroom each 20 mins.


Lily Rose
Here I am casually sipping lemon water at work. So informal!

I actually have a pitcher of lemon water with dinner and one later that nighttime.

Day four
Once again at work, with lemon water in my S’nicely. I recognize that I ought to probably look up the health benefits of lemon water so I understand what to search for after I assess my status. According to my fashion bible and go-to magazine, Glamour, drinking lemon water while you first awaken allows your frame’s enzymes characteristic and stimulates your liver and allows it to detox. It additionally promises hydration and increases electricity. They report that my friends Miranda Kerr, Lauren Conrad, and Jennifer Aniston reportedly also drink lemon water, so I am in exquisite employer.


Lily Rose
Obligatory bloodless brew and lemon water workplace p.C.

Even though a Jen Aniston approval is usually enough for me, I additionally need a scientific, scientific, or at least health-based totally website’s opinion. After a touch net surfing, I find myself at the website HealthLine.Com, which lists the blessings of lemon water as: selling hydration, providing vitamin C, enhancing pores and skin pleasant, helping weight loss, helping digestion, freshening breath, and stopping kidney stones.

I am a stickler for clean breath, so this is thrilling news! I am additionally afraid of someday getting kidney stones, so this also pleases me immensely. I am now not stunned approximately lemon water improving my skin’s best. I am having an amazing skin week besides (in all likelihood because I am ingesting all of this water), however I did note this morning that I am searching particularly clean under the have an impact on of lemon juice.

Day 5
I have noticed that due to the fact my water has a flavor, I locate myself needing the taste. I overlook to bring lemons to paintings nowadays and have only my water bottle with lemon water in it to therapy my yearning. I suppose that maybe I can ration it out?

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