Logistics is one of the areas of the supply chain i.e. growing at a incredible speed as the Internet and e-commerce is drastically changing the range, delivery time and the speed of information as well as the process of ordering and making payment.
There’s no hiding the fact that our working lives are manic. We have bosses to please, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve and a whole medley of other duties to juggle. So with all this in mind, if I preach the importance of taking a break at work, I can hear you say, when do I possibly have time?

The answer is simple – find time. Taking a break at work can do wonders, not only for our overall productivity but for our stress levels too. Relationship Services conducted a survey of 1,593 couples and found that 31% cited stress at work as a common reason for arguments at home – proof that equilibrium at work has an important effect on other areas of your life.

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