Either way, talking about ‘Using Cardio Acceleration to Burn 20% More Fat’ is far more likely to do well than that aforementioned ‘How to Lose Fat’ video. The distinction is that it’s a new topic and that it offers real value and interest.

This is one reason that Vsauce has done so extremely well as a channel. On this channel, the host talks about things that are truly mind blowing and answers the kinds of questions many of us have always had but never thought to ask – like why the moon looks bigger in the sky sometimes.

Another great example is Elliot Hulse or Strength Camp. This is a strength training channel but rather than just talking about building muscle, Elliot talks often about broader subjects that appeal to a much wider audience. In his ‘Yo, Elliot’ series for instance, he asks questions about ‘being more alpha male’ or ‘exuding confidence’. These are things that appeal to the same target audience but that go a little deeper and offer something a little different. Try to think like that with your own videos.

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