Photography is an encompassing art activity that makes the world exciting. It would be unimaginable if there were no photographs to show history or capture the photo of your own childhood. Today’s digital photography have the same value as centuries before but imaging and photographic gears and gadgets have been innovated to catch up with the needs of the present times. Basically, the concepts on photography remain the same with some modifications or enhancements on the cameras and processing techniques.

Digital photography considers the skills of the photographer and the capabilities of the digital camera he/she uses. The digital SLR camera is not expected to produce best images without being manipulated by the user. There is a correlation between human skills and digital cameras’ abilities. The best photos are the results of this correlation.

Some digital SLRs or other digital cameras are equipped with a charge coupled device or CCD while others use the complementary metal oxide or CMOS. These two devices may have differences but they basically do the same function – converting light into electrons which represent the digital data.

Pixels is the unit of measurement of the resolution. It refers to the amount of information or details that the digital camera captures and this is manifested in the quality of the photos in terms of size. The larger the number of pixels that a digital camera has means that it has the ability to capture more details and the photos are larger without degradation.

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