How to Eat Good and Cheap on Ambergris Caye, Belize

San Pedro Ambergris Caye has become very popular destination over the past few years and with that comes lots of additional restaurants many focusing on the high end clientele but what about us that don’t want to spend $50 or $100 per person on a meal. Are there cheaper options for getting a meal on Ambergris Caye?

Yes there are but they are not advertised as much as the more expensive options simply because the food is so cheap they have no money for advertising.

The locals that live here for sure cannot afford to eat at the fancy restaurants every night they are there for special occasions however we do have our secret inexpensive places we like to eat. These places offer cheap good food without the fancy surroundings of those higher end restaurants. This small article is going to let you in on a few in the know cheap places to get a good feed for just a few dollars or even for FREE.

Street Vendors near Jaguars Nightclub

Many people when travelling are concerned with stomach issues and tend to watch what they eat especially in Mexico where you can really get a case of the runs, in Belize however this is not an issue and you can eat street food without any worry about getting a stomach bug.

The street vendors located right on the beach near to Jaguars nightclub offer tasty local fare for just a few dollars. Street food is some of the very best grub; you can get a big plate of the local fare of Rice Beach Stewed Chicken and potato salad for just $2.50-$3.00. You can also get a Burger or Taco or Burritos again for just a few dollars all cooked fresh.

Don’t be afraid of trying the street food there are many vendors walking around town selling their wares don’t be shy, stop them and see what they are selling, you can Empanadas for.50 cents each which is a fried pastry with fish inside with a spicy onion side delicious. There are absolutely delicious meat pies for $.50 cents each also.

Mr. Lee’s Fried Chicken

Mr. Lees is a favorite of the locals and offers Chinese food but is more famous for his Fried Chicken for just $5.00 Belize $2.50 US you can get a big fried chicken breast and a huge amount of fries, I always ask him to reheat the fries as they are usually in a container and he has no problem giving you them cold but will happily throw them back in fryer for 30 seconds, an absolute bargain for the price.

Another excellent deal at Mr. Lees is Chicken fried rice you get an absolute bucket load for just $5.00 easily enough for 2 persons. Mr. Lees is located near to the post office and Open daily.

El Fogon

This is a very local restaurant without any fancy trimmings but it’s a big favorite of the locals and offers excellent Belizean fare for a very reasonable price. A bit tricky to find, but well worth the effort if you want to try REAL Belizean food in a very local atmosphere. El Fogon is located on Trigger Fish St near the airstrip if you can’t find it just ask any local for directions.

Ruby’s CafĂ©

My favorite place to grab breakfast on the run, while they don’t offer bacon and eggs they do offer small coffee for.50 cents and a variety of local made Johnny cakes stuffed with chicken or a big soft Pita like bread stuffed with cheese and Ham, they also do a great taco which I love to put the hot onion and chili on it that you can find in a jar on each table. Be careful though it can be real hot if you are not used to it.

It’s a good idea to get there early as most of the islanders Dive master and tour operators usually grab brekkie on the way to work. All these are just $1-$5 Belize dollars.

Celis Deli

A great place to grab a sandwich or there meat pies are delicious be sure to ask to warm them up they are a little spicy but very very tasty and for just a $1 apiece. Celis also offer ice cream and a variety of Sweets all homemade and very inexpensive.

Lions Club Bar B Que Fridays Nights

$10 Belize dollar gets you a MASSIVE chicken breast, Beans and a delicious homemade tortilla on Friday nights when The Lions club of Belize does its weekly Bar b que. It really is a delicious Barbecue and the money goes to a good cause. Once you have purchased your plate you can go in sit down and eat it

Holiday Hotel Wednesday Night Bar B Que

Another Bar b Que is on the Beach at Holiday Hotel every Wednesday night you get a nice plate of BBQ for $10-20bze depending on what you have. It’s a wonderful location right on the beach and they also have live music.

Well worth a visit on Wednesday night. When you visit the island don’t be shy to try all the local fare and street foods I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the taste and especially the price.

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