Do It Yourself (DIY) Garden Toolbox

All you need is to follow the steps listed below to make your own garden toolbox.

Before you start working on this DIY project, make sure that you have all the necessary tools to make your work easier and convenient. If some of the tools are not available in your home, you can always borrow them from your neighbors and friends. Keep all these tools away from your children because they could be dangerous when they operate it without your knowledge. Here is the list of the following tools.

· Circular saw

· Hammer

· Drill

· Drill bit (1 inch)

· Glue

· Utility knife

· Square

When you decide to make this project, make sure that you have prepared the required materials which will be used in this DIY project. Never rush in getting them to make sure that the materials you have selected are of great quality. Also, ask for the seller’s advice when buying these materials. Let them recommend the best wood that they think is perfect for your project. Here is the list of the required materials.

· ¾ inch pine

· ¼ inch wood dowel

· Deck screws

· Tree branch

The simplicity of this toolbox comes from the tree branches utilized for the handle and sides. Three branches is enough with a dimension of 25 inches each. Make sure that the tree branch that you have selected is strong and sturdy. This will add the durability value of the toolbox. As you search for tree branches, select those that are green and freshly cut ones. This is because they are proven to be strong and flexible. The saw, drill, and knife will be used to carve the handle ends. Aside from the branches, a wood dowel is also required with the following dimensions: 6 feet, 1×6 inches; 4 feet, 1×4 inches; and ¼ inch long.

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