Choose a Local Computer Repair Firm For PC Repair Over a PC Manufacturer

The first personal computers were made available in the 1970s and were so simplistic that they were sold in kits, which could easily be put together by the consumer. The famous Apple-1 was the first personal computer to come with a fully assembled circuit board. However, one still had to provide a case, power supply, keyboard, and display for their Apple-1. When comparing today’s personal computers to the first models, one can see how advanced computer technology has become over a short period of time. For instance, gigabytes, MP3’s, AVI’s, USB’s, UPS’s and dual cores are terms that never existed in the 1970s, but are all common terms today when discussing computer technology. When today’s computers become damaged, a computer repair firm that specializes in PC repair and IT consulting in Cleveland, Ohio can help one understand what went wrong with their complex machine, how it will be fixed and maintenance tips. 2.5GB Switch

Computer manufacturers do not work with consumers on a personal level when it comes to computer repair. When one sends their damaged computer to its manufacturer, it requires a mailing fee. Then the usual repair time is a couple of weeks to a month. After the repair is made, the consumer then has to wait at least a week before they receive their computer. The computer manufacturer may only disclose what was repaired in the consumer’s copy of the work order or receipt, but will not tell the consumer how the computer failed or how it was repaired. If the consumer calls the manufacturer with questions, they have to go through a hierarchy of employees starting from the bottom.

One blogger on, said when he contacted HP to troubleshoot one of its computers it took them two hours and then another hour to authorize the return. The blogger said it took two weeks before HP sent the repaired computer back to him. He also said when he contacted Dell to troubleshoot one of its latest computer models, he was put on hold excessively before he was able to authorize the return. He said it took Dell three weeks to send him back the repaired computer.

A computer repair company that specializes in PC repair and IT consulting in Cleveland, Ohio can offer certified computer technicians who will work with the PC owner one on one at their home or office. This not only allows quicker repairs, but also gives the PC owner the opportunity to establish rapport with the computer repair firm, allowing an opportunity for discounts and other deals on services. A PC owner has the chance to ask questions about how their computer failed to understand how to avoid it from happening again. For example, a computer technician from a computer repair company that specializes in PC repair in Cleveland, Ohio can inform the PC owner what Web sites to avoid to prevent the downloading of adware, spyware and viruses to keep their computer performance at optimal level after the repair is made. A computer technician from this type of firm can inform a PC owner to use surge protectors to prevent electrical damage after replacement of the damaged part.

Since computers are complex machines a lot more can go wrong with them other than virus infection and electrical damage. A computer repair company specializing in PC repair and IT consulting in Cleveland, Ohio can get to know the PC owner and their computer habits, since its computer technicians are able to work with the consumer on a personal level. This means the firm will know what maintenance tips to tell the consumer to keep their computer running for a long time and to save them money. Here are a couple of examples:

Never turn the computer off with the power switch until Windows has shut down

This will prevent permanent hard drive defects and Window problems from occurring. Use the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to restart the computer if it crashes.

Use an USP, uninterruptible power supply for the computer

This prevents the computer from crashing during power outages and protects it from low and high voltage shortages (some say a USP is more superior than a surge protector)

Back up important data on at least two separate physical drives

-Hard drive failure is a common occurrence

Run Scandisk and Defragment at least once a month

This can prevent crashes

Never unplug peripherals from the computer when it is powered up

This can short out the motherboard

Keep at least 600 MBs of C: drive free

This can keep the computer from running slow. Windows XP and Vista requires 400-600 MBs.

Use a firewall program

A firewall program prevents hackers from gaining access to the computer system

Keep every software disk

Disks can contain important drivers that need to be reloaded

Computers are complex machines that require certified experts to fix them the right way. When a computer needs repair, a computer repair firm that specializes in PC repair and IT consulting in Cleveland, Ohio can offer more than a computer manufacturer. The firm can offer the right expertise at one’s home or office to make the repair faster, offer better deals, and gives maintenance tips to save PC owners money.

Chad King is CEO and President of KingPin Computers, a certified computer repair company based in Cleveland Ohio that specializes in PC and laptop repair including spyware and malware removal, software and hardware installation, data backup and recovery for residential and commercial customers throughout Northeast Ohio.

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