Adobe Elements Studio Photoshop Elements Tutorial on Converting Your Memories Into Digital Reality

Helping people tell their vision, dreams, stories – happy and sad, moments of glory and unforgettable memories – that’s what Adobe Elements Studio is all about. The Adobe Elements Studio comprises Adobe Elements 6, Adobe Premiere Elements 4 and Adobe Soundbooth CS3. With these three software applications, Adobe aims at bundling all aspects related to media – photos, videos and acoustics, thus providing consumers with a free-hand to run wild with their imagination and come up with creative ways to share their memories, thoughts and hidden talent with the rest of the world.

Adobe Elements 6 assist users in making their photos look astounding and highly professional through guided editing help and a combination of various tools such as adjusting hue, red eye correction and contrasts. The software provides users with amazing templates for photo books, scrapbooks and interactive galleries. It also helps the user organize his/her media, be it photos or videos, making it easily accessible whenever required.

Adobe Premiere Elements 4 – Aspiring directors are going to love this tool! In a matter of fifteen minutes, one can create movies and also present it to the audience. The application also provides the user with a simple drag-and-drop editing feature that can be grasped quickly even by a non-technical newbie. The videos can also be burnt on a DVD, Blue-ray Disc or any other mobile devices. They can also be uploaded to a blog. Also in line with the increasing of trend of sharing videos in YouTube, the application has an upload to YouTube feature. Once the user enters his/her YouTube user name and password, the software stores it and the next time outputs your video file directly to YouTube’s preferred Flash format. The application has a library of Movie Themes that can be used to create videos for special occasions like weddings or birthdays. It also has a host of audio and visual effects.

Adobe Soundbooth CS3 – As the name suggests, the Soundbooth cleans up audio files and enhances the soundtrack making it sound professional even if the recording is done in your basement or garage. It can be easily integrated with other Adobe video applications, thus bringing both audio and video in sync. It allows the user to clean up and fix any hisses or any static crackling that he/she finds in a home recording. It can also provide sound effects and add voiceovers to videos. The Soundbooth has its own library of scores and ditties that can be used for any of your home projects. To these scores, you can also blend effects like echo, stretches – time and pitch, chorus and reverb. For all those aspiring American Idols and young singers, it is like a dream come true if they want to experiment with their singing and music talent.

Dell’s XPSTM 420 – a premium multimedia desktop PC – comes with pre-installed software of Adobe Elements Studio. The partnership was struck on the basis that consumers will be provided with the necessary hardware as well as software to unleash their imagination and creative sparks, right at home.

Photoshop elements tutorials are a must if you want to edit your Christmas digital photos. There will be plenty of red eyes to get rid of as well as the occasional glass of beer or wine bottle, that may just be ruining a great Christmas family photo.

Now even though you manage to download the Photoshop Elements software, the trick is getting the best out of the package and actually producing some quality edited photos.

There are a variety of Photoshop Elements tutorials to be found online, but there is only one Photoshop Elements Tutorial that will help you with any Photoshop Elements version, and from a beginners level.

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