6 Great And Creative Uses For Glow In The Dark Tape

As fans of glow in the dark tape, we are happy to provide you our list of the top 6 ways to use glow tape creatively! Read on for some great ideas:  https://www.thesportvibes.com/

1. Unconventional Painting Canvas – Are you a creative or artistic sort? How about adding a different dimension and giving a new impression to your paintings! Wrap a painting canvas with glow in the dark tape which will give the painting a modern and perhaps ravish vibe when viewed with the light off – and look just like a standard canvas with the lights on. The only concern is to make sure to use a painting medium that will stick to the tapes less than adhesive vinyl outside. It is time to start a new movement!

2. Headband – The secret to creating a glow in the dark headband is to weaken the tapes stickiness by soaking it in water for a little bit. When the grip is loosened, you can then wrap layers of the glow in the dark tape wherever and however you want. We recommend weaving the glow in the dark tape into ones hair to create hair effects or even a headband.

3. Makeshift Jersey Materials – Often times when playing sports a jersey is needed – and sometimes at the local level, a jersey needs to be made. If you accidentally left your jersey in the wash or just want to make jerseys for fun during a night time game, just take a roll of glow in the dark tape and slap some numbers on the back of a t-shirt. Dark colored t-shirts work best. Go ahead and get creative – number, name and maybe a logo?

4. Picture Frame – Now this one is cool – a friend of mine broke a picture frame on accident and in order to fix it he really needed to wrap the thing up. Fortunately, he decided to finish the effect and wrapped the entire picture frame. With glow tape. The ultimate effect isn’t very much during the day, but when the lights are out, this is a very cool look. Best used with your cool poses!

5. Belt – Wrap a strip of glow in the dark tape around your waist. Soak the strip in water, weakening the adhesiveness. Place several same-sized layers on the strip until your belt thickens. Some might even decide to attach small designs and ornaments to stylize their new glow in the dark belt. When putting on the belt, put a small strip of tape to secure both ends.

6. Pasties – This one goes out to our performer and more specifically, burlesque friends. If you are concerned that your nipples might show on your outfit, or, planning on baring all while following the law (No nipples!)? Just rip off a piece of glow tape and slap it on – problem solved, and a bit more creatively than the normal electric tape situation.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of ways you can use glow in the dark tape!

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